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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Yesterdays and todays

We were planning to go to Kingdom Twelfth Night yesterday, but on Thursday evening after the Shire meeting, Morgana and Brian (with whom we were to be carpooling) and we discussed details, and it became obvious that none of us were truly enthusiastic about going (for one thing, the feast was full; for another, we didn’t want to get up early; and for yet another, there was the chance of heavy rains, and the drive was long to begin with). So we decided, along with Thomasina, that we would have high tea at Fresh & Fabulous and go see The Golden Compass. Which was all quite fabulous.

I’d read the book in anticipation of the movie, and the movie surpassed my expectations. They had to take a lot of text and pare it down, yet still make sense and keep the action moving, and they pulled that off in spades. Pacing was excellent. I’m stunned that the actress who plays Lyra did so well when it was not only her first role, but she was playing against a green screen for a good portion of it.

Most importantly, I want a daemon! Yes yes yes!

After that, Thomasina headed home and the rest of us ended up going to Roxsbury Deli for dinner, and then we hung out for a bit until I realized the cats should have been fed, oh, two and a half hours earlier. So we came home and put them out of their misery.

I’m a bit sad we missed Twelfth Night, though, because two of our friends got their AoAs and Cat won the Bard of Caid competition! Go Cat! Woo hoo!


Fourth and fifth rejections of the year… ::shakes fist at sky:: Damn you, efficient editors!

I don’t know if I’ve announced this sale before, but since the countersigned contract just hit my desk, it sounds pretty much good to go: Pangaia magazine had a contest, and Teresa and I (as Sophie) are finalists with “Under a Double Rainbow.” Our story will be published in an anthology by Llewellyn Publications, The Pagan Anthology of Short Fiction: 13 Prize Winning Tales. I’m especially chuffed because it wasn’t an erotica contest, but we sold them an erotica story!

After going to the gym this morning, then dashing home and showering and lunching with Ken, I headed off to a nearby coffee shop, where I met up with Ellenie (fellow RWA-er), where we worked for nearly 3 hours. In total (I did a little bit more tonight), I hit more than 2K for the day, which is exactly where I want to be. I could’ve done more, even, but the idea is to not burn out right off the bat, y’know?

Most importantly, I laughed out loud twice as I was writing, which is always a good sign (unless you’re writing a tragedy, I suppose).

We’re hoping to schedule writing sessions at a coffee shop on three Sundays of the month (the other Sunday being the Los Angeles RWA meeting), which would be quite spiffy.


Currently Reading: Heart-Shaped Box, Joe Hill (about to start)
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malvoisine said...

Good for you - on the sale & on the writing. Good start for the year....

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Thanks! The sale actually happened months ago; I just can't remember if I mentioned it, or if I decided to wait until I got the countersigned contract back. (I'm trying to be better about not announcing things until I at least get the contract, since so much can happen during the process.)

But sales are always happy things, and there's still the announcement of the top three winning stories to look forward to! They'll be announced at Pantheacon, which I can't attend because I'll be following Styx around southern California...

Eilidh said...

Thanks honey!!!

Alia la rousse said...

We missed y'all at 12th Night.

Aside from their Majesties having the great wisdom and taste to make Eilidh the Bard of Caid, the event itself was extraordinarily well organized and entertaining. The feast was probably the best I've ever had - the courses just kept coming and coming and they were all delicious.

Thanks for posting about your teatime on Saturday. I didn't know about that place - gonna have to try it now.

Good luck with your writing and other creative endeavors in the New Year!

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Alia! ::waves happily:: Welcome aboard! And major congrats on your AoA!

Fresh & Fabulous is, well, fabulous! Let's do tea!

Anonymous said...

If you go to the Golden Compass website, you take a little quizlet to learn what your daemon is...

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Yeah, I've seen the quiz thing. It's pretty much useless for me, just like Meyers-Briggs. I don't do well with either/or-type questions, because for me everything is contextual...and there's no third choice of "well, it depends..."

I know, I'm difficult!