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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Chicken...egg...same difference!

Rejection from Abyss & Apex for “A Father’s Blessing,” which they said was “well received here” although ultimately they decided not to take it. Ah well!


Busy few days. Thursday was Lick-n-Stick (to prep the local SCA newsletter for mailing). Ken and I helped, and then he measured Morgana’s desk because he’s building shelves for her. He wandered off and the rest of us had Healing Circle, during which Morgana worked on my ankle and a lot of goopy dark stuff apparently went “flergowlr”* out of my foot. My ankle did feel significantly better afterwards…

Last night we four went to see National Treasure 2, which I [hearted] almost as much as the first one. Yeah, sure, some pretty big plot holes. But, dudes. Codes, secret passageways, deep dark history, hidden treasure! Nicolas Cage, Ed Harris, Jon Voigt, Harvey Kietel, and Helen Mirren!

::sighs and falls over in blurble of happiness::

After that, Morgana worked on my ankle again, and said there was much less goopy dark stuff. Cool beans. I can almost walk down the stairs normally. Almost. Healing is an annoyingly slow process.

Today I had a phone confab with Teresa to discuss the blanketing of the New York publishing world with OOTFP proposals. I had already assembled an anal-retentive spreadsheet, of course. We have to tweak the query and cover letters, and all will be mailed next week. Forward motion!

This evening Ken’s mom came to visit us, and we went to dinner at Roxsbury Deli, where I decided not to have the matzo ball soup (because I think I’m coming down with a cold) in lieu of a sudden craving for corned beef hash and eggs. (Me: “Chicken soup…eggs…it’s kind of the same thing, isn’t it?”) On the way out we were mesmerized by the delectable pastries in the revolving case, and ended up with a slice of lemon somethingorother (like lemon meringue pie but with cream instead of meringue) and something that was chocolate cake on top and cheesecake on the bottom. We had that ate home with Lady Grey tea. Soooo goooood.

More tomorrow. Right now I’m going to kidnap my beloved so we can watch Torchwood!


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*Vocalization, and subsequent attempt at translating vocalization to paper, both approximate.


malvoisine said...

Ditto on National Treasure 2. We loved it - thought it was great fun (the color-not-occurring-in-nature of Nicolas Cage's hair was somewhat off-putting) for all the same reasons the first one was fun - just as many throwaway lines that made us hoot with helpless laughter.

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Hee! We didn't notice his hair, but halfway through I realized his sunglasses kept changing, and became obsessed with that...right as they went into a series of night scenes.