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Monday, January 28, 2008

Dratted Mercury

Kensington rejected Out of the Frying Pan, which they’ve had for almost a year after requesting the full manuscript less than a week after we mailed the partial, in a long letter about how they loved the writing and loved the book and have no place to put it and were reluctant to let it go.


Short story rejections from Æon for “Seeds of Hope” and from Fantasy Magazine for “Matchmaker.”

Okay, but in good news, there was a local Styx show I didn’t have tickets for (they went on sale with no announcement, so by the time I heard, pffft), and I popped a note on the Styxworld board just in case someone might have something vaguely reasonable, and two different friends had single front row tickets near each other. Sheez, how portentous is that? Well, they’re on Tommy’s side, not Lawrence’s, but front-row tickets to a show I didn’t think I’d get to go to is enough for me right now!

This good news is not trumping the novel rejection.


Check out the Oregon Coast Writers website!


Four stories in the mail today. I am nothing if not stubborn. I also brainstormed a list of the next publishers to which to send OOTFP, and will do so once Teresa and I confer.


It was a mostly good but still odd in some ways kind of weekend. Lev & Gayle are visiting Morgana & Brian, so M&B threw a tea party Saturday afternoon for all of us who knew Lev & Gayle Back When (Back When being before they moved to Oregon 14 years ago).

The odder parts were that Mercury going retrograde really did seem to affect communication that day. Several times I said things that were misconstrued, causing people to get mildly testy. Nothing major, but it made me want to slink off hide each time, in part because I didn’t understand how I’d managed to upset the other person. Plus there were several times when I was talking and someone just started talking over me. I know they didn’t realize they were doing it, and I’m not the type to start talking louder or call attention to the issue because I don’t want to embarrass the other person.

Also, the tea was mostly sweets and only a few savories, so even though I ate lunch before I came over, I knew I’d need a decent dinner. I brought up dinner early, but it took a long time to coordinate people (we eventually decided to get take-out Thai, but some people had to spend time commenting on the small print on the Chinese menu before they decided what to order from the Thai menu, etc.) and I started to feel unwell. Unfortunately, when I get that way, I don’t think as coherently, so I couldn’t actually come up with “Hey, Morgana, do have a piece of cheese or something I can nibble on?” I just curled up in a corner and stopped talking so I didn’t snap at anybody, which is what I’m likely to do if my blood sugar is low… (And sweets just make me nauseous in that situation, so Brian’s repeated offering of cookies to everyone didn’t help either! LOL) Eventually food arrived and it was all much better, but I never fully recovered my equilibrium

Of course, then we came home and watched Torchwood and it was all sorts of John Barrowman/James Marsters yummy goodness! And a day that ends with that is certainly not a bad day at all.

Sunday Ken and I were both tired and draggy, although we did manage to do a million loads of laundry. That’s about all I remember. Just being draggy but slooowly getting stuff done.

And that’s pretty much all I remember. Sunday seems like a long time ago…


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Eilidh said...

I was wondering why you were more "curled up in a corner" than usual... sorry to hear that Sat. had "meh" parts.