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Saturday, February 02, 2008

January stats

Welcome to a new month! Here's what January looked like for me:

words written: 13,569
days of writing: 11 out of 31

story submissions: 7
story acceptances: 1
story rejections: 12
stories written: 1 started, not yet completed

novel submissions: 0
novel acceptances: 0
novel rejections: 2 (for two novels)

Lust Bites article written: 1


I had a good start to January, but for some reason my sprained ankle sucked my brain out, so in the end my word count and days writing count were poor. A short story that’s stressing me out also slowed me down. Since I’m all about focusing on the positive, though, what this says to me is “More words in February! Wooh!”

Editors cleaned out their In Boxes in January, obviously, but I turned around a chunk of the stories. I did trunk one for now as well.

The rejection for Out of the Frying Pan was a blow, but about the best one we could possibly get. We know the book got read, got discussed, was truly liked. That means there’s a publisher out there for whom it’s going to be a great fit.

Goals for February

Word count needs to be higher this month, period. I’d like to do 25,000-30,000 words, primarily to finish Ghosted, but I do have one story to write for the Denise Little workshop, plus I’ll have at least one story to write at the workshop. The four-concerts-in-four-days run will be nonwriting time, but I’ll follow it up immediately with a LARA meeting and writing at Lulu’s afterwards, to get me back in the groove. I’ll also lose a day or two at the end of the month for the workshop, and tomorrow’s pretty much out with brunch with one set of friends and a party at another’s.

I’ve already received my first short story rejection for February, but I know where the story’s going next, so it’ll be mailed soon. I need to finish the DL story ASAP.

Teresa and I had a confab and will be sending out many partials and queries for OOTFP next week.

Lust Bites: Teresa and I have two joint articles slated. (My overall goal is at least one article a month.)

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