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Thursday, March 20, 2008


Finally, a hint of good news! Harlequin Blaze has asked to see a partial and synopsis for Out of the Frying Pan, based on the query letter we sent them. Not a sale, of course, but after two form rejections, it’s awfully heartening to get a nibble of interest.

And more good news! Not only is my hair purple again, but my Fabulous Gay Hairdresser agreed that there was finally enough white hairs in the clump at the front of my head that he could start pulling them out and not dyeing them. Of course, it’ll take a few months for them to grow out, but next time I go in he’s thinking about lightly bleaching them to hasten the progress. He thinks I’m hilarious for wanting to do this. :-)

And I came up with some stunningly awesome ideas for Ghosted while I was sitting under the dryer reading a book completely unlike Ghosted. Go figure! Now, to get my butt in the chair and finishing writing the darned thing!

Tonight I wandered over to Morgana’s to do some sewing, and finished my messenger bag for SCA events (all it needs is a button and buttonhole, which requires me figuring out the new sewing machine, which has approximately 762 buttonhole feet and options), repairs on a small pouch and a pot holder, and a kumihimo braid (Kingdom award cord).

Happy news to post about are A Good Thing. I’ve been feeling vaguely under the weather; nothing specific, just general malaise and minor complaints. Not enough sleep, etc. It’s a boost to have some things to celebrate!


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Angell said...

WOOO - good news is always a plus. :D

Woman, I sometimes wonder where you find the time to BREATHE.

malvoisine said...

Good for you! Woot and a hearty squee for you, hope it pans out!

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

When I found time to breathe yesterday:

1. When I was pharting around online instead of writing.
2. When I was watching TV instead of writing.
3. When I was sitting at the hairdresser's.
4. When I was sitting in traffic.


Thanks for the good wishes from you both! :-D

Anonymous said...

I totally get the white haired temple streak thing. It's like a badge of honor and a rebellion flag all rolled into one - very rakish!


malvoisine said...

Oh...and soo....I have way too much grey hair now to do anything cute like that. Unless I was willing to isolate just _one_ streak & dye the rest, which I am not. Bad for my hair, makes it grow slowly....

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

I have more silver hair, but there's a specific clump in one spot so I'm isolating that. My hair's always grown slowly, dye or no!