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Thursday, March 20, 2008

If you can spare a dime...

Our friend Julie has MS, and every year she participates in a MS Walk to raise money for research. Go Julie!

I know we're all bombarded every day by requests for money. We have to pick and choose who we donate to. That's cool. As long as we give something somewhere... But if you can spare some change, please consider this one. If you can't, or if you have other charities you prefer, that's just fine.  :-)

Here's what Julie says:

Let your friends and family know that they can make a tax deductible donation online through my MS Walk website (the link is at the bottom of this message). They can also sponsor me with a check. Make it out to the National MS Society and mail it to me. I will make sure it gets logged in my sponsor sheet and I will forward it to the MS Society. My address is:

Julie Holbert
P.O. Box 1285
Twin Peaks, CA 92391

Any gift large or small will make a difference in my life and in the lives of all people with MS.

Thank you!! You'll never really know how much your kindness and support have meant to me.


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