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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Almost here...

On Monday, I finally finished and mailed a fantasy short story that I’d been working on for a bit—a humorous take on a fairy tale for an anthology looking for the same. Yesterday I got word that the story’s made the first cut—hoorah!

This also meant that now I can get back to work on Ghosted with my full concentration. Plus Teresa and I have a collab story to write, and she’s already sent me the beginning, but I want to get my head back into the novel before I play with the story. It’s too easy to use stories as an excuse not to work on the novel! And I really do love this novel.

I’ve been spending a little time tweaking my new website, which to you all won’t look appreciably different from my old website, except maybe for the home page. But it’s so much easier to work with (for me to add updates and change things), and I’m excited about it going live soon. My webgoddess has once again done an amazing job!

Today brought a nice present in the mail: a royalty statement from Virgin. Several Wicked Words anthologies have been sold to Germany (including Sex at the Sports Club, which includes the first story Teresa and I wrote for them and which garnered the invitation to write a novel), so I get a percentage of that, plus a bit of royalty money for both novels. With the exchange rate, it’s an even nicer chunk of change—but lest you think I’m suddenly rolling in it, let me say that it’s not enough to cover the Marketing Workshop in May. But it certainly helps.

~ ~ ~

I also got a birthday card and check from my parents. Whee! Birthdaybirthdaybirthday! April is Happy Birthday Month!

Although I had a big party for my 40th birthday, it was somewhat lost in a haze of pain and painkillers and muscle relaxants (I spent my actual birthday in the ER). Last year’s birthday was deliberately quiet (although hiring the personal trainer was the best present I’ve ever given myself). So this year I’m feeling a bit obnoxious and all about me. :-) Saturday is King’s Hunt, and we’ll be taking a cake for everyone to share. (“Cake or death?” If I ask you, will you understand?) Sunday, my actual birthday, we’re planning on doing a charity bike ride and visiting the big cat sanctuary, and maybe dinner with Morgana & Brian if we’re all not too exhausted. The next day we’ll be right back to reality with a tax appt, and the following day I have my yearly gyn exam (healthy is good!)…


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Lev said...

I can't think of a better birthday than having dinner with Brian and Morgana!

Looking forward to giving you a "Happy Birthday!" in person, albeit a bit late.