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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Owie. But, otters!

Oh ow. Ow ow owie ow. I worked out with my trainer for the first time in about two months yesterday, and today I can barely walk, I hurt so much! It’s my own fault, really; I haven’t been going to the gym nearly as much as I should, even discounting the traveling and cold and hives and so forth. I’ve been reasonable about cardio—Ken and I walked on the beach recently, and we often walk to the P.O. and library. Strength training? Not so much.

I don’t know how I’m going to actually work out with her again tomorrow, seeing as right now I need help getting out of a chair…

~ ~ ~

Otter cam! I found an otter cam that’s a widget for my Google home page! I'm not getting any work done, but Ken is amused by my squeals of delight and running commentary. ("Look! Two otters!")


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Lev said...

Oh, sorry you're feeling owie! I am a bit myself; dragon boat season has started, and I got a little tweak in my back. But, yeah, otters! :-)