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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Thursday 13: Thirteen Things to Do This Month

in no particular order

1. Finish Ghosted.

2. Celebrate my birthday!

3. Write cathedral story with Teresa.

4. Prep for Marketing Workshop (read three assigned books and write proposals for them).

5. Work out 2x/week with trainer and more times on my own!

6. Taxes. Woo.

7. Schedule my birthday tattoo and hopefully get the tattoo (the latter may end up in May, alas).

8. Have my annual gyn appt and mammogram. Healthy is Good.

9. Go to two SCA events and hang out with friends.

10. Attend LARA meeting.

11. Write with fellow author friends in coffee shop 2x, have tea with same 1x.

12. Be very grateful I can’t come up with anything else for this list!

13. Enjoy life!


Gina Ardito said...

Thank God. Someone else who hasn't done her taxes yet. (I'm guessing this weekend is D-Day for us.) Happy birthday, sweetie!

Adelle said...

You sure have a full plate! Happy Birthday!

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Very cool!!! Have a wonderful birthday and I hope you get your tattoo THIS month.
There will be pics, right?

Chloe Devlin said...

Wow, lots of stuff to do. Good luck and Happy Birthday!

Gwen Mitchell said...

Hehe... I just got my taxes done.

And may you have many more birthday checks ahead of you. And royalty checks. And heck - checks of all kinds!

Oh, and congrats on getting your revisions done. I'm still in the thick of mine. o.O

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Gina: Most of our tax stuff is ready; it just took some scheduling to find a time we were free as the same time as our accountant! (We have fun taxes: two independent contractors plus a rental unit on our property...)

Jennifer: I'll definitely post tattoo pics! :-)

Gwen: Congrats on getting those taxes done!

Thanks everyone for your kind words!

Heather said...

Hope you manage to get those taxes in under the deadline! ;)