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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Homeward bound

Hellfire and damnation! Something’s wrong with Afalwen’s sound output—it doesn’t recognize any output device, be it the internal speakers or the headphones. So we’re on a 4-hour flight from ORD to LAX, and we can’t watch a DVD. ::scowl:: (Ken forgot his computer charging cord, so his laptop is uncharged.)

I should be writing, but I’m tired and I don’t wanna. I’ll stamp my feet for a while and read some more, and then go back to being an adult and work on the short story I’d really like to finish by tomorrow. I got so busy with scanning photos and running back and forth that I didn’t get it done, nor get any work on Ghosted done, which means I really have to get my cute butt in gear to get caught up this week!

Along with decorating the house and hosting the Halloween party on Saturday. Eeeeeeee…

[Update: Got quite a bit done on the short story—go me!]

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