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Monday, October 20, 2008


Got up early again today to help set up for the Plattsburgh Library’s book sale, bribed by the perk of being able to snatch up any particularly spiffy looking ones for myself. I didn’t find anything of great excitement, but wandered off with books on mythology (a general one on world mythologies and a little one on Vietnamese myths), a book on Elizabethan music from the 1950s, a funny book on Welsh language (I flipped it open to a little cartoon of a man in a train station saying “You’re late” [in Welsh and English], and the response [at least, the English one] was “Hell no we’re not!” I want to learn to say “Hell no!” in Welsh, because the concept amuses me greatly), and a book on organization and finishing projects. Because I helped with setup, I could’ve had them for free, but I donated a dollar to the cause.

This afternoon we all headed back to the mountains, this time to Lake Placid so Ken could talk to the tourist folks about the possibility of a CCR in the area. They’re very excited to have us, and we have lots of info to pass on to the actual site committee (of which we are not a part).

Then we took my parents out to dinner at Great Adirondack Steak and Seafood, where Ken had homemade root beer (they have a small brewery on site) and my dad had one of their ales, and I had half a lobster topped with shrimp scampi that almost made me pass out with delight. Unfortunately, the menu description failed to mention that the entire thing would be covered with mushrooms, and to my horror and dismay, when the waitress set the plate in front of me, I almost started to cry. Seriously, tears welled up and I felt almost panicky because I didn’t want to send the whole thing back and wait for a new one. So I ordered a second glass of wine and picked off all the little mushroom bits and gave them to Ken and my mom, and the food was out of this world, because you can’t go wrong with garlic butter, even if there’s the chance of mushroom taint.  ::shudder::

Oh, and the wine menu described one of the white wines as having, among other things, “lemon crud.” I took a picture to send to Jay Leno. :-)

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