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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Indoors and out - new stories available

Soul's Road Press some new Andrea Dale stories available: One that takes place in the big city and two set in the great outdoors. Enjoy!

"Come to My Window"

Small-town girl Katy craves the big city, the bright lights, the energy and passion…and the woman who would introduce it all to her. She finds all that and more in sophisticated Emilie, who presses her naked against a window and forces her to face her deepest, darkest desires. A lesbian short story “packed full of hot steamy sex.”

"'Come to my Window' by Andrea Dale is another story that I found refreshing and well written. It's short, about 9 pages, but it's packed full of hot steamy sex in a unique and fun setting - pressed against a window overlooking the city of New York. Who wouldn't have an orgasm with that kind of view, not to mention the excitement of possibly of being seen in the act."
— outinprint.net

"Further spankings and a dose of Gallic humiliation is administered in Andrea Dale's 'Come to my Window,' a sort of coming of age story filled with revelations and humiliations while having one’s bottom pleasantly blistered."
— eroticarevealed.com

“Come to My Window” originally appeared in Where the Girls Are: Urban Lesbian Erotica (Cleis Press, 2009)
Available in a variety of electronic formats

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"In Flight"

When you’ve been screwed by an ex, it’s hard to trust again. It takes a red-tailed hawk named Rudy and a sexy falconer named Pam to teach a broken woman how to respect herself and love again. A spicy-sweet lesbian love story.

“In Flight” originally appeared in Best Lesbian Love Stories: Summer Flings (Alyson Publications, 2007) and was republished in Best Lesbian Romance 2009 (Cleis Press, 2009)

“Andrea Dale's ‘In Flight’ has metaphorical power.”

— Seattle Gay News

Available in a variety of electronic formats

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"After the Rain"

Can a homebody Adirondack hotel clerk find happiness with a gregarious world-traveling Australian? Or will their erotic encounter in the rain-dappled forest be the extent of their relationship? A sexy and touching lesbian short story.

“After the Rain” originally appeared in Travelrotica for Lesbians: Erotic Travel Adventures(Alyson Books, 2006)

Available in a variety of electronic formats

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cayswann said...

The Amazon links to "In flight" and "After the Rain" both went to "Come to my Window."

Dayle A. Dermatis said...


Okay, all should be updated now.

Generally, you can find my work on Amazon and Barnes & Noble by searching for Andrea Dale, and on Smashwords by searching for Andrea Dale or Soul's Road Press.

Unless, of course, you're looking for stories by Dayle A. Dermatis or Andrea Loewen or, at some point in the future, Sophie Mouette. ;-)

cayswann said...

Well yes, but I slavishly follow those Kindle links in every journal entry and buy, buy, buy! :)