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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lurgified but not completely down for the count

Well, yesterday was largely a Total Fail, due to my inability to accept that when I’m sick, I simply can’t do as much. This seems self-evident, but it is to everyone but me…. Part of the problem is that towards the end of my trip, I was being as productive as I could along with everything else I was doing (spending time w/my sister in the hospital, driving my mom from GA to NY, etc.), and I felt good and got psyched about continuing that productivity in spades once I was home and didn’t have all the other stuff to do. The psyched part of my brain overrode the logical part that was trying to say “You’re sick. Don’t try to do absolutely everything.”

Probably going to the concert last night wasn’t the best idea, but man, let me tell you, Robert Plant has still got it, baby. He was amazing. And it was fabulous to spend time with Kelly and Richard.

Oh, and the Santa Barbara Bowl? Stunning venue. Nothing like watching twilight settle over the ocean and a hawk chasing the wind currents above the stage during the opening act….

Anyway, all I really did yesterday was…
  • worked on spreadsheet for epubbed stories
  • dealt with some personal emails
  • worked on event announcement for CP Prize/poked some people for info
  • sent some emails re: CP Prize
  • a little unpacking/organizing
  • sent Ken to Roxsbury Deli to bring me matzo chicken soup for lunch
  • dinner with Kelly & Richard
  • Robert Plant concert at the Hollywood Bowl

So this is what I'm looking at for today:

  • work on Out of the Frying Pan
  • Blackwood House edits
  • promo latest stories available
  • OWN email
  • if time/energy, other writing-related email
  • if time/energy, blog post

  • deal with at least 20 emails (personal/SCA/etc.) – already in progress
  • send Ken to Roxsbury Deli for more soup – he’s taking my spot at bootcamp training today, and going to pick that up on the way home. Yay.
  • send some emails re: CP Prize
  • work on the application for the Hollywood Walk of Fame star for Styx
  • work on Blackfox Awards for local newsletters
  • more organizing/bill paying/scheduling of things
  • make some phone calls (may slough those off ‘til tomorrow ::sniffle cough::)

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Sara said...

You and Andrea and I must be channeling each other, sounds like we all have the same cold!! I have decided to take it easy today and only work at ONE store, instead of 4. :P