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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

February stats

wrote 8400 words
wrote 9 out of 29 days

story submissions: 4
story acceptances: 0
story rejections: 5
stories written: 1 finished from previous start (“Drynwyn’s Fire,” for workshop); 1 written in full (“If the Shoe Fits,” for workshop)
stories edited: 1 (publisher edits on “Some Old Lover’s Ghost”)

novel submissions: 8 queries or partials for Out of the Frying Pan
novel acceptances: 0
novel rejections: 1 (for Out of the Frying Pan)

Lust Bites articles written: 2 (Mammoth Book of Erotica 7 promo, half each of “In the Future, All Men Will Be Hotter” and “In the Future, All Women Will be Hotter”)


Honestly, I don’t think the words written and days of writing stats are correct; I think by the end of the month I was so frazzled I was forgetting to list them. No clue what the correct stats are.

Goals for March

More words, more days. Period.

Finish Ghosted if it kills me. Then (or concurrently, more likely), start work on Caressing the Tiger once Teresa and I hammer out a schedule for that novel.

Write a story for the Cats Curious Press anthology. Edit “Dyrnwyn’s Fire” for Denise Little and “Animal Attractions” for Hips & Curves. If I have time, I have a couple of other stories to finish up, and several stories to expand so I can submit them to Spice Briefs. Plus I need to get the recently returned stories back in the mail ASAP. Oh, and I should check out the guidelines for the various best-of anthologies and send out appropriate reprints.

Lust Bites: I’m doing an interview with the amazing Mary Anne Mohanraj and contributing to the “lust.bites” hunky man in the upper righthand corner section. I need to brainstorm a new topic for my April post and beyond, though.

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