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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Nyquil hangover

Happy Birthday to my mom!

Four stories back in the mail Tuesday, plus a bunch of follow-up e-mails re: languishing ones. The responses are already coming back on those follow-ups. One editor, who has several of my stories for several projects, didn’t have any bad news, although most of the anthologies are still at some level of progress, so there’s no specific “yes” to anything yet. Another market cancelled their series, but those two stories were reprints anyway; not really “rejections,” either.

Yesterday was one of those days where you run around a lot and accomplish little. I went to the chiropractor, came home, and took Ken to TO. We had lunch together at Roma Deli, and I think I’m just not going there any more. Their once-fabulous mozzarella salad has, over the years, slowly become mediocre. I wanted to cry remembering how fantastic it once was.

After that we went to the bike dealer, but his bike wasn’t ready yet, so we went to the mall and wandered around a bit, but my hip starting hurting pretty badly. I dropped him off at the bike place and went home, and when the chiropractor’s office called to let me know my supplements were in (they hadn’t been unpacked when I was there in the morning), I asked for an afternoon appt as well.

I hung up, and the phone rang again: Ken. They found some things wrong with the bike that they’d have to order parts for, so his 50CC trip from coast to coast was now impossible (the plan was to hit FL in time for a long-distance riders’ banquet. He’ll do the ride probably later this month.). So I raced up to TO to get him, then straight to the chiropractor’s, where it was discovered that my hips were two inches off from each other. That would explain the pain, then!

We made quick runs to the library and PO (where I forgot to actually buy stamps, dammit) and then to the grocery store because Ken requested Sloppy Joe’s for supper (since mostly what we had in-house was simple meals for me while he was gone). By the time I’d caught up on computer stuff and made dinner, it was time to wander off to Morgana’s for sewing…


Today I woke up late with a Nyquil hangover, and I’ve been draggy ever since. Bleah. I’m slowly getting stuff done, but too slowly for my own impatience…yet sometimes too fast for my easily tired self.

I got through about 2/3 of the edits on my swords story (“Dyrnwyn’s Fire”) tonight and should get it to Denise tomorrow, along with a fresh copy of the story she’s buying and an anthology idea proposal. Then, it’s on to a couple of other short stories as well as getting back into Ghosted with renewed vigor.


Currently Reading: Agnes and the Hitman, Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer
Lately Listened To: Okay, so even though I had no voice, when I was driving yesterday and Great White’s “Once Bitten, Twice Shy” came on, I had to sing along at the top of my raspy, lurgy lungs. Tonight, it was Within Temptation’s Mother Earth and Evanescence’s The Open Door, because apparently I needed Gothic Rock to edit my paranormal/pagan Welsh WWII sword story. Who knew?
Recently Watched: Ghost Hunters, Cities of the Underworld (Vietnam), Lost, Graham Norton, If Walls Could Talk (That’s all spaced over several days, mind you. And I’ve been sick.)


Joan said...

Thank you for not mentioning which birthday.

Love, Mom

Angell said...

Happy Bday to mom!

Thanks for the joy on the job front - and for the little PC lesson. I honestly had no idea. I'm sure the councellor didn't either.

And now for some other news - http://mizadventurez.blogspot.com/

Something for you to puruse when you're bored. I have to thank you for my "coming out" so to speak. Now if I can develop my skills to be half the talented writer you are, I'll be happy.

HUGS honey - and feel tons better ok?

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Angell--coolness! And I am feeling better, although I'm doing my best not to immediately overdo it and relapse. :-)