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Monday, March 03, 2008

Oh. Ow.

When I decided (over the weekend) that I was officially taking today off to recover from the trip and my cold, I didn’t expect to be also flattened by another headache. Bleah. I was thinking I was taking the day off from writing, but that I’d take it slow and get through other stuff.


Actually, I did do a little bit, but I’m still feeling annoyingly unprepared for tomorrow. Some e-mail answered, bills paid, mail sorted, book picked up at library, suitcase and computer bag unpacked. No phone calls, because I have almost no voice. Ken did the laundry and made dinner, because I was in no shape for that sort of thing. Of course, he spent the day in the garage working on the bike in preparation for his upcoming trip (a 50CC, which is coast to coast in two days, a crazy-long-distance-bike-people get-together in Florida, and then back home), so I didn’t even have him to lay on the couch with me and watch mindless TV until this evening. And we had little recorded that I would watch w/o him.


Photos from the workshop have been uploaded here. Enjoy!


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