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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Question for my foodie friends

A generous local friend made some food for us, which is awesomely awesome, and I have a question about one of the dishes in terms of reheating.

It's tilapia, sliced lemons, and celery in a lemony sauce. There's a bit of something else green I can't identify; possibly green onions?

Anyway, it arrived last night just-cooked and was quite yummy. Tonight I reheated just the fish and celery and sauce in the microwave, having discarded the lemon slices that were on those pieces of fish. It was still yummy, but something in it had taken on a bitter taste.

Is it the lemons, and should I remove them immediately? Is it because the original dish is in a metal pan and that's reacting to the lemons?

Is it the celery?

Is it because I reheated the fish in the microwave?

Or is it something else I'm not thinking of?

We have two more helpings of this and if I can minimize the bitter taste for Wednesday night's supper, that would be groovy.



Steve said...
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Steve said...

It's almost certainly the lemons. It is possible that the acid could react with the pan, but I've never known that to happen. Most likely the bitter pith has leached out into the sauce, or fish and is causing the taste.

About the only thing I can think of is to remove the lemon and some of the food directly below it which should minimise the taste.

Microwaving isn't the cause although re-heating in a glass or stone dish covered with foil is gentler on the fish. Just takes longer.

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