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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

To do, doing, done

I actually accomplished a fair amount yesterday…guess my To Do list was the right level of gentle but do-able:
  • made appt with orthopedic surgeon re: Ken’s hand
  • wrote and enveloped check to lovely friend who rescued Ken’s bike from the tow yard
  • wrote and enveloped letter to Nevada Highway Patrol requesting a copy of the accident report
  • did dishes
  • put away laundry (finally)
  • threw in another load of laundry
  • bought a battery for the garage door opener and ink for the printer (allowing me to print letters, contracts, etc.)
  • printed, signed, enveloped contracts for short story sale
  • canceled flights to Colorado for Styx @ Red Rocks show  :-(
  • emailed re: how to release tickets for Styx @ Red Rocks show  :-(
  • made rice and steamed broccoli to go with leftover tilapia dish
  • toddled over to Textile Guild to say hi to everyone for a bit

on deck for today:
  • eye appointment (oh yay, I’ll spend the afternoon with my eyes dilated)
  • many, many Chronicler emails
  • work emails
  • cuddle with Ken and watch another show or two
  • wrap sister’s family’s long overdue holiday gifts
  • call tree guy to cut back our lemon tree now that a good portion of it has fallen over
  • call gopher people to ask question about bill
  • call sisters
  • no doubt more dishes
  • put away latest load of laundry (no worries; it’s small)
  • writing…

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