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Saturday, July 16, 2011


I apologize for the lack of entries lately. A combination of not much to report and too much stuff to do. Which seems like an oxymoron, but it really isn't. Also, our Internet has been flaky and/or completely out for two days, coming up on three. The iPad (and Bluetooth keyboard) helps a lot, but isn't ideal for certain projects. Like anything that involves an attachment of something that needs to be saved on a computer, or attached from a computer. Argh. So briefly…Wednesday I had an eye appointment, which Morgana kindly squired me to, as my eyes were dilated and I couldn't drive home by myself. I forgot that always makes my eyeballs hurt. Well, not so much hurt as just be there. One shouldn't be constantly made aware of one's eyeballs; it's just not natural. So I got little else done that afternoon. Although it was nice to learn that my verrrrry thin (lattice-like) retina in my left eye repaired itself with some scar tissue in the past year. Looks just like I got laser surgery. Only cheaper.

A friend of Ken's visited that day, and they categorized all the bits and bobs that had been delivered with Ken's motorcycle. Still no sign of his wallet (which had been in his jacket pocket, a pocket that was sliced through when emergency services dealt with him), his passport (which had been in his computer bag), a pair of earrings he bought for me during the rally (also in his computer bag), his radar detector (which could've gone flying during the accident itself), or the extra final drive he'd carried just in case (which had been in a saddlebag). Some of that seems a little suspicious, but there's nothing we can really do. We ordered new credit cards (thankfully he'd stripped almost everything out of his wallet beforehand) and have an appointment to get him a new driver's license.

Thursday he had an appointment with a hand surgeon. No big surprises there, and he has an appointment to get the pins taken out in three weeks. After that, it's 3–6 months of therapy, and his hand should be back to normal.

Then Ken decided that the back tire of the bike had to be swapped out right now, because he wanted the bike dealer to pick up the bike Friday (so they could officially proclaim it totalled, thus moving the insurance paperwork along). Right now. No, I didn't have time to put away the few bits of food I'd picked up on the way home from the doctor's. No, I didn't have time to change out of my clean shorts before smearing tire gunk on myself. No, I didn't have time to arrange someone else to help with this so I could have a little time to get stuff done. Oh, nooooo…. (It's a good thing I love him!)

Today our cleaning lady came, and it's hard to describe how good a clean house feels. It was long overdue. When she does the big stuff, I feel like I can maintain, and that's a stress relief right there.

I was supposed to have a hair appointment, but my Fabulous Gay Hairdresser called to say he was moving salons and thus wouldn't be working today. Seems a little last-minute to tell me…. But I'll follow him to his new place, and he'll be calling me next week to reschedule. Unfortunately, this comes on the heels of me rescheduling twice (because of travel), so I rather look like Captain Caveman right now….

The bike dealership picked up the bike this afternoon, and then we toddled off to the local Urgicare, which is also a dr's office, because we don't have a GP and it was time for the stitch in Ken's side to be removed (where the chest tube drain had been). It looked a little red to me, so I didn't think we should wait 'til Monday. After almost two hours waiting there, they read Ken's temp as 101°, and the doctor didn't feel he had all the necessary equipment to do a post-op (which is not…oh, nevermind), so he directed us off to the hospital ER. By the time Ken was seen there, his temp was 99°, the redness was just the pinkness of healing, and the price of having on stitch removed and a prescription for just-in-case antibiotics filled was $350. O.o

However, it was worth the price of admission to have the doctor ask Ken if he smoked (no) or drank (rarely). To which Ken added, pointing at me, "She's my vice." Love is a drug, baby, and you're on good painkillers. Hee.

By then it was 7 pm, so we grabbed dinner at a new burger place (okay, but nothing to write home about, despite a couple of steampunk-esque light fixtures that I couldn't get decent pictures of), and have spent the rest of the evening napping (Ken), sitting with the kitlings outside (me), and watching various TV (both of us).

As for tomorrow…well, Grimoire is showing clear signs of at best another bladder/urinary infection (he and Eostre both get them about every two months, for no reason anyone can fathom) or at worst kidney disease, so I'll be carting him off to the vet. I also need to pick up Ken's prescription. I'd like to sneak off to a coffee shop to have Internet on a Real Computer [TM], but we shall see. I will likely be calling the cable company. Other than that…no promises!

(Remember: Visits to Ken are the best present you can give him right now! Call to schedule!)

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